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Senographe Crystal

The Senographe* Crystal mammography system makes it easy to transition to full-field digital mammography. Simplified installation and a small footprint help you get up and running quickly. Automated functions, an intuitive interface, and compact, ergonomic design help to enhance throughput and patient comfort. And excellent 2D image quality is designed to give you the clinical confidence you need.
Helping you maximize throughput with minimal effort
With its simple installation, slim design, and ability to support high throughput, the Senographe Crystal lets you do the job with speed and ease.
Installs as quickly as a single day
Thin and lightweight, just 250 kg (550 pound), Senographe Crystal is simple to install. In fact, it can be installed as quickly as in a single day—so you get up and running fast.
Saves precious space
With its small footprint, Senographe Crystal is designed to fit in small spaces—whether you’re building a new room, re-configuring a small room, or re-purposing an existing room. Its counterweighted motorized lift is one of the smallest in the industry. Plus the C-arm’s tight turning radius makes efficient use of space.
Fast boot means no waiting
GE’s next-generation CMOS detector lets you boot up in just 2 minutes. CMOS-based detectors have no complex cooling tubing and don’t need to warm up, which helps minimize patients’ wait.

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