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Senographe Essential

With careful attention to a woman’s health, from low-dose imaging to an innovative, interactive approach to mammography — Senographe Essential defines patient experience.
GE Healthcare’s flagship digital mammography system is an upgradeable platform designed to deliver clinical confidence and give you what you need to deliver high-quality care. Senographe Essential lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures from in-office or mobile screening to advanced diagnostic procedures.
Providing expanded performance
Starting with a reliable platform upgradeable for advanced applications, the all-in-one Senographe Essential offers remarkable flexibility. Expert services offer the support you need for expanded performance.
Extend care with one platform
Senographe Essential is designed for screening, diagnostic and interventional procedures. It lets you choose your upgrade path to advanced applications. Starting with screening, the platform is upgradeable to increase its range of capabilities: magnification, stereotaxy, SenoBright* contrast enhanced spectral mammography, and SenoClaire* digital breast tomosynthesis3.
High throughput
With the industry’s largest field of view (24 x 31 cm), Senographe Essential also lets you choose a standard field of view of 19 x 23 cm, allowing you to image a large range of breast sizes.  
Technologist-focused design allows easy and quick patient positioning: Pre-set gantry positioning enables automatic gantry rotation and quick angle setting.
TechInsight functionality provides fast access to priors and gives accurate indications to the technologist regarding breast positioning.
Excellent reliability
85% of contracted Senographe Essential detectors installed in 2006 are still in service in 2014.1.
The iLinq* system gives you online access to a technical expert, through your equipment console, to solve procedural or processing issue in real time.
Delivering clinical confidence
Senographe Essential lets you confidently detect and characterize mammo-graphic findings. Every component of your Senographe Essential — from tube, to detector to post-processing — contributes to outstanding image quality.
A dual-track X-ray tube (Mo/Rh) delivers an optimal X-ray spectra to penetrate the breast based on breast density and compressed breast thickness. Automatic Optimization of Parameters (AOP) helps you identify the densest breast regions. It automatically selects the appropriate anode, filter, kV and mAs, ensuring repeatable image quality at optimized radiation dose.
Breasts differ, and so do clinicians’ viewing preferences. eContrast lets you improve structure visibility for almost any breast type, including implants and stereo images. You can choose among six contrast levels, the setting that optimizes your visual comfort and diagnostic performance. And that’s not all – eContrast improves the image on spot views because the display is optimized for the region under the paddle.
An independent conversion detector with a Cesium-Iodide (CsI) scintillator on an amorphous Silicon (a-Si) flat-panel array results in a high DQE (70%2), for efficient imaging at low dose.

Defining patient experience
Careful attention to a woman’s health — from low-dose imaging to an innovative, interactive approach to mammography — redefines patient experience.
Low dose by design  

The detector provides high DQE due to independent conversion technology for efficient imaging at low dose.
The GE AOP automatic exposure mode based on breast density delivers optimized and consistent image quality while minimizing average glandular dose.
The X-ray tube with exclusive rhodium anode provides a high-purity spectrum for optimum contrast at low dose for dense breasts.
Ergonomics that work
Ergonomic breast handles help reduce patient muscle contraction.
Ergonomic paddle design and rounded bucky shape help optimize patient comfort.  

Maximum desired compression can be pre-set and slows when contacting the breast.
Experience SensorySuite (Optional)
SensorySuite is an interactive experience designed to stimulate the senses and distract your patient from any discomfort, pain, or anxiety she might experience during a mammogram.
SensorySuite lets your patient choose the environmental ambiance she prefers for her mammogram: Seaside, Garden, or Waterfall – using an in-room tablet PC remote control.
With SensorySuite, you may improve your patients’ experience and enhance the high level of patient care you provide.

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