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Discovery NM/CT 670 DR

Molecular imaging is more than a tool for seeing within the human body. It allows the search for something greater, the search for a deeply hidden truth known as a true discovery. It’s the kind of discovery that is reproducible evidence of what is seen and often not seen.
This is the kind of discovery you are after every day for every patient. That it provides reproducible evidence is important. It means it can transcend the individual to make a greater impact on all patients, but it also means you can rely on it day in and day out to find disease and monitor its treatment. It provides the immediate answers and actionable information referring physicians count on and patients hope for.
Leading clinical discovery is about improving care for as many patients as possible. It’s about providing quality, quantitative results, but it’s also about making the impactful work you do every day available to more patients. To do this, you need your imaging technology to deliver more than quality results. You also need it to be future-ready, not only with the ability to support the needs of your growing nuclear medicine department, but capable of digitally connecting and enhancing each step of your workflow.
Discovery™ 670 DR was designed to help you lead clinical discovery with hybrid imaging. It’s a premium SPECT/CT system with the added flexibility of a standalone diagnostic CT. It delivers the accurate, reproducible results referring physicians require in a comfortable and streamlined exam experience.
Discovery 670 DR, working alongside our Xeleris™ workstation, also delivers on our vision of a fully-digital molecular imaging experience. This vision spans across the technology you use, to data collection and connectivity, to processing software, all the way through to the applications you use to interpret and communicate information. Together, these fully digital components will give you the best possible insights to guide not just your clinical outcomes, but your financial and operational outcomes as well – enabling true discovery for every patient that walks through your doors.
The true test of performance for a SPECT/CT system goes beyond its lesion detection ability. It’s in dose reduction, streamlined exams, robust CT solutions and quantitative applications. And most of all, it’s the flexibility to access clinical information and demonstrating the value of nuclear medicine to your referring physicians from anywhere at anytime.
Discovery 670 DR’s Elite NXT NM detectors were redesigned to address some of nuclear medicine’s biggest challenges. Shorter photomultiplier tubes combined with lean front-end electronics reduce analog noise and improve performance. And its collimators are optimized to enable high sensitivity, low septal penetration and high resolution even when the detectors are farther from the patient. The result is exceptional NEMA resolution for SPECT in a detector box that is 13 cm slimmer.
In a hybrid system your CT technology is just as important as your SPECT technology. Discovery 670 DR includes the latest in diagnostic CT technology. It’s a 16-slice system with IQ Enhancement technology that enables helical coverage speed equivalent to that of a 50-slice CT scanner at the same table speed1. Our standard feature, Neuro 3D filter (VISR) enables the same image quality by reducing the mA during the acquisition of head images, thereby optimizing the dose required2,3. In addition, ASiR™ may reduce radiation doses4, while Q.AC low dose CTAC enables improved image quality of SPECT studies5. And WideView enables attenuation correction throughout the entire SPECT FOV. Not only does this CT technology add clinical value to SPECT images, it can also function as an additional standalone CT asset that delivers advanced 3D CT imaging applications such as Calcium Scoring, CT Angiography, CTPA and other demanding neurology and ER applications.
Performance in molecular imaging is about generating results you can rely on day in and day out. These improvements to both SPECT and CT technology are the foundation for quantitative results. Results that are made even more valuable with the advanced applications included with the Xeleris workstation.

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