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Xeleris 4.0

Xeleris™ 4 DR is the next generation of our proven workstation for nuclear medicine. In the past, Xeleris led the way with mobilized capabilities that gave you accessible, easy-to-use tools to enhance productivity. With your guidance, we designed Xeleris 4 DR to deliver modern, quantitative applications for nuclear medicine; applications like the all-new Q.Volumetrix MI, which gives you the certainty of absolute quantitation in customizable, easy-to-read reports across multiple care areas.

Leading absolute quantitation in nuclear medicine
Xeleris 4 DR is leading the way from relative to absolute quantitation in nuclear medicine with the numerical values referring physicians demand to strengthen the quality of your nuclear medicine reports. Until now, the quantitative value of nuclear medicine was limited by the technology used to produce it. By leveraging our next-generation camera technology, we developed a collection of simplified tools that combine relative and absolute quantitation.
  • Effortless quantitative tracer uptake across any lesion or organ with Q.Volumetrix MI
  • Accurately diagnose neurodegenerative diseases with Q.Brain
  • Diagnose pulmonary embolism by identifying V/Q mismatch with Q.Lung
  • Confidently classify patients eligible for lung resection surgeries with Q.Lung
  • Leverage the power of CZT to calculate blood flow measurements with Alcyone CFR
  • Improve neurologic SPECT workflow with fast, reproducible and accurate quantitation of 123I-loflupane SPECT data with DaTQUANTTM
  • Plan radioisotope therapy by measuring changes in tracer absorption over time with Dosimetry Toolkit

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