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GammaMedplus iX and GammaMedplus 3/24, radiation planning software, device control console software, fully compatible with information networks of modern medical institutions, applicators and accessories for all types of brachytherapy, as well as quality control equipment.
The high-precision development and equipment of the device with the most important functionalities, such as the integrated radiation detector, the emergency source extraction system, the emergency power source, makes GammaMedplus safe, highly accurate, versatile and mobile, which is a comprehensive solution in radiotherapy.
Most HDR brachytherapy procedures are performed using as few as three channels. The modified version of the GammaMedplus 24-channel system, model 3/24, is equipped with all the elements of the GammaMedplus system, which ensures safety, accuracy, flexibility and mobility, but has five channels instead of twenty-four. Channels 1-3 are commonly used for intracavitary irradiation and provide for specific testing of the applicator edge. Channels 23 and 24 are used for intraluminal and other types of radiation, where such testing is undesirable. The number of channels that are used during a single irradiation session cannot be more than three.
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