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Eclipse™ Treatment Planning System

Designed for more Speed, Control & Advanced Care
Eclipse™ is an integrated and comprehensive treatment planning system which supports a variety of treatment options including protons, electrons, external beam, low-dose-rate brachytherapy, and cobalt therapy.
Eclipse continues to innovate adding features that give you more speed, more control, and more advanced care. Through its integration with your Varian LINAC, Eclipse is specifically designed to help you get the most from your machine so you can give the most to your patients.
More speed
With GPU supported algorithms, the time you spend waiting for dose calculations is greatly reduced, giving you time back for your other daily treatment planning tasks.
More control
Eclipse allows you to fine-tune your plans to give you the optimum treatment plan for your patients. You can explore the possibilities between optimal organ-at-risk sparing and target coverage easily and efficiently, without having to change your current processes.
More advanced care
By providing optimum and individualized plans, Eclipse plays a key role in providing advanced technology solutions that result in good clinical care for the patient.
Eclipse Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO) lets clinicians quickly explore what happens when different clinical criteria are varied, providing the opportunity for each patient to have an optimal plan designed to meet their specific disease criteria. Additionally, with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Support the time to complete dose calculation and inverse planning optimization is decreased, providing a significant leap forward in speed.
With an intuitive Windows-based interface, Eclipse is designed to increase productivity for clinicians using simplified data settings and easy drag and drop functionality. And with leading-edge automated tools, Eclipse opens the door for clinicians to create, import and optimize plans across numerous multiple linear accelerators.
In a Varian environment, Eclipse integrates with the ARIA® oncology information system, making workflow smooth, integrated and seamless. As Varian takes radiation treatment to the next level, Eclipse is designed to advance along with it.

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