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EDGE Radiosurgical System

The use of dose calculation algorithms equivalent to the Monte Carlo algorithms, the possibility of beam formation using MLK with ultrathin lobes in the central part (2.5 mm), precise localization of targets by tracking their movement in real time in any anatomical region, as well as Among the best in the beam characteristics to grow, all this brings the quality of procedures using the Edge system to an unsurpassed level. Edge is the only system that allows you to track the target in real time during both intracranial and extracranial procedures, as well as accurate calculation of patient movement parameters in six directions and monitoring of respiratory movements. Automation of functions helps to control the irradiation and maintain its accuracy at a high level by constantly tracking the patient’s motor activity and adapting the irradiation to the pattern of movement of the target during the procedure, which reduces the risk of unwanted irradiation of adjacent organs and tissues.
Functional characteristics of the system:
Beam formation
Different levels of beam energy
High intensity modes
Tracking the movement of intracranial and extracranial targets in real time
Computed tomography using cone starting of kV radiation (kilovolt planar CBCT imaging)
MV visualization
Embedded software tools
PerfectPitch Couch
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