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Halcyon Radiotherapy System

Halcyon provides high-quality care by optimizing LTMI and RapidArc® fast image processing. The system is a compact solution that reduces the installation process to two weeks.
Halcyon was designed to speed up every step of the process without compromising quality:
During the IMRT, the gantry rotates four times faster than the standard linear accelerator. This allows the patient to quickly control the position through visualization and the transition from one field to another. With RapidArc therapy, the rotation is two times faster than before.
A conical beam CT scan can be completed in 15 seconds; a pair of two-dimensional orthogonal images – in 7 seconds or less. Since the MV image converter is always in the path of the beam, it does not need to be deployed, which allows you to quickly create images for each patient.
Thanks to the 6 MV beam without an equalizing filter (FFF), a high dose rate (800 IU / min) is maintained, which reduces the time of therapy and optimizes the performance of treatment using RapidArc technology and fast IMRT.
A two-layer multilobe collimator, has the ability to move the petals in two times faster than the standard multilobe collimator, this allows you to maintain the speed of rotation of the gantry and a high dose rate during delivery.
The overall speed of the Halcyon system shortens the patient’s time on the table, reduces the time for patient random movements, which can lead to greater accuracy of treatment.
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