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Brivo* CT385

Whether you are equipping with a first time CT start up activity, or upgrading from single or dual slices CT, you can now join the 16-slices world with access to:
High resolution and Image Quality
Proven dose lowering technologies at reach
Fast, automated and efficient post-processing
Ergonomy with a patient and user centered design
Clinical benefits
Thanks to the combination of the 24-rows detector and IQ Enhance, Brivo CT385 makes the 16slices isotropy world and coverage at reach.
In general purpose CT, Brivo CT385 helps gaining more quality and patients access.
  • Chest – the fast scanning with Pitch Booster enables the management of difficult patients with 35mm coverage per second.
  • Abdomen – Speed & Coverage combined will help catching any vascular phase.
  • Pelvis – an excellent IQ can be achieved with less risk of motion artifacts during a shorter acquisition time thanks to Pitch Booster.
  • Vascular – studies will benefit from the microvoxell of the new generation HiLight scintillator paired with the new DAS technique.
  • Circle of Willis & Carotid – Spatial Resolution & Fast Scanning needs are covered with the 0.625 submilimeters acquisition, 100kVp availability, the contrast Smart Triggering, and the Pitch Booster.
  • Thoracic & Abdominal Aorta – the 20mm detector acquisition enables the Speed & Coverage for arterial phase.

Low Dose
Image quality at low dose is made possible
  • ASiR the latest raw data iterative technique which enables less dose without compromising image quality.
  • ODM which helps reducing dose on sensitive organs.
  • OptiDose technologies (“Color Coding for Kids” protocols, 3D Dose Modulation and Organ Dose Modulation)
  • Dose Check, a dose management tool that provides alerts and notifications to scanner operators when an institution’s pre-defined radiation dose levels will be exceeded.

Clinical Workflow
Patient positioning and protocols setting made easy
  • Simple access to gantry commands
  • Dedicated emergency protocols for urgency cases
  • Pediatric protocols for kids
  • Real Time Scout helps improving productivity while providing better care for the patient

Dynamic transition
  • Enable correct timing of xray start at optimal contrast density, for scanning at the appropriate phase.
  • Preparing for postprocessing, up to 10 Prospective Multiple Reconstructions allow higher flexibility for cases management.

Fast visualization
  • Real time direct reconstruction and transfer of fully corrected multi-planar images, in any plane (Direct MPR)

Fast post-processing
  • Built-in applications such as Reformat, MIP, minIP 3D Surface & Volume Rendering, Virtual Endoscopy
  • Additional tools are available for advanced dedicated studies such as

    • Autobone
    • Advanced Vessel Analysis
    • CT Perfusion Neuro and Multi – Organ
    • Colonography
    • Dentascan

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