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Optima CT520

Change the way you see CT
In angiography exam, an efficient workflow with proven IQ Enhance technology helps you boost the helical pitch for same coverage speed as a 50-slice CT.
In oncology high-quality images, streamlined workflow, fast acquisition speed, and dose optimization help you detect and evaluate small lesions and follow them over time, or provide a detailed evaluation of tumor extension.
Fresh perspective
SmartView Fluoro* for Interventional – advanced visualization techniques with real-time reconstruction and display. A nominal image lag of only 0.20 second gives you the confidence you need for CT guided interventions.
Designed to help healthcare providers deliver the best patient care with customer inspired enhancements including:
  • Superb image quality
  • Advanced dose optimizing features
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Technological innovations

Built on reliable and proven technology, the Optima* CT520 combines advanced clinical capacity with economic value.
Optimize with Optima
Advanced dose-reduction technologies (Optidose, VISR, ASiR*) for low dose exams without compromising the diagnostic information contained in the images.
  • ASiR* delivers up to 40% reduction

Go with the workflow
Latest workflow innovations:
  • Emergency mode – fast emergency exams
  • Smart start – real-time contrast tracking scanning
  • Xtream Injector – synchronization of scan and injection and minimize users errors
  • Real-time Scout – save time and dose
  • Autopositioning: simply push a buttom

ConneCT from anywhere
Dexus*, seamless workflow environment
  • Optimize your workflow, from the moment you acquire your image until you report your results
  • Link imaging devices, clinical applications, and IT, so you can access advanced visualization tools across modalities and care areas
  • From wherever you are.

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