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Optima NM/CT 640

Meet the Optima NM/CT 640—a powerful combination of precision and performance. Its next-generation technology delivers on healthcare’s most pressing SPECT/CT needs:
  • Image quality for outstanding clarity
  • Low-dose imaging without compromise
  • Acquisition speed that drives efficiency
  • Low cost of ownership

With the Optima NM/CT 640, clinicians can get the precision and image quality they need to make critical decisions-at a low dose to patients. And advances in acquisition speed and CT technology make it a sound investment for facilities looking to maximize performance. Because GE builds the 600 series with upgradability in mind, you can easily expand the system as your needs and capabilities grow. It’s the perfect balance of precision and performance to take SPECT/CT into the future.
The ability to enhance image resolution while reducing your patient’s dose.
Exclusive Evolution Technology changes the relationship between time, dosage and image quality by allowing you to reduce time or injected patient dose up to 50 percent in most scanning procedures while maintaining excellent image quality.
Dose management technologies for the Optima NM/CT 640:
  • A new CT detector was designed with low dose in mind. Thanks to this innovative low-dose technology, the Optima NM/CT 640 delivers exceptional CT images at less than half of the dose compared to conventional slow rotation CT’s1.

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