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Revolution EVO

For Revolution* EVO, we redesigned the entire imaging chain using the new Clarity detector inherited from the breakthrough technology introduced on Revolution CT.
Performix 40 Plus tube
At the beginning of the Clarity imaging chain, the Performix* 40 Plus tube delivers exceptional performance. Its stable dual focal spot improves precision and its 0.35-second routine rotation speed enables faster scan times.
ASiR-V comes standard and focuses primarily on more advanced noise and object modeling with added physics modeling to help reduce noise, improve low-contrast detectability, and reduce artifacts.
  • Routinely image with up to 82% less dose1,2. Combining the speed of ASiR* with added capabilities from Veo* full model-based iterative reconstruction, the novel ASiR-V* iterative reconstruction algorithm brings low dose and improved quality to routine imaging.
  • Up to 100% better spatial resolution. ASiR-V has the capability to improve spatial resolution compared to FBP by allowing the reconstruction of higher-resolution images with no increase in image noise.
  • Up to 135% improved low-contrast detectability. ASiR-V improves the detectability of low-contrast objects by up to 135% when compared to corresponding FBP reconstructions at the same dose.
  • Up to 91% less image noise. Depending upon the scan technique and reconstruction parameters, ASiR-V can significantly reduce electronic image noise compared to FBP at the same dose.
  • Less streak artifact. ASiR-V has the capability to reduce low-signal artifact, such as streak artifact, compared to FBP.

Revolution EVO features the latest SMART Technologies
Better patient care, improved efficiency, expanded applications. Smart Technologies is a suite of intelligent CT tools designed to help you achieve these goals, delivering diagnostic confidence with lower levels of radiation4.
Smart Dose technologies
Revolution EVO features intelligent technology designed to help you acquire high-quality images using lower doses of radiation, contributing to more accurate diagnoses and lower exposures for patients. Dose management tools such as CT 4Kids dose-optimized pediatric reference scan protocols, 3D Dose Modulation, Organ Dose Modulation, Dose Check, DICOM DRSR and more are all at your fingertips. Revolution EVO is also compliant with NEMA 29-2013.
Smart Flow technologies
Designed to help you improve productivity by streamlining your workflow and access to information, Smart Flow technologies enable fast, hands-free patient positioning, exam prescription from the patient’s side, integrated injections, up to 55 IPS real-time reconstruction during the scan and access to advanced applications right on the console. With the IQ Enhance pitch booster, you can scan a chest in as fast as two seconds with 175 mm per second acquisition speed to help shorten patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality.
Smart Cardiac technologies
Set up and perform complex cardiac procedures quickly in as few as five beats, reliably and repeatedly, with Smart Cardiac tools on the Advantage Workstation4.
  • SnapShot* Assist. SnapShot Assist advises you of the best acquisition technique based on the patient’s heart rate conditions.
  • SnapShot Pulse. Prospective gating with SnapShot Pulse allows for a dose reduction of up to 83% for coronary imaging.
  • SnapShot Freeze. Reducing motion blurring in vessels by up to a factor of six, SnapShot Freeze facilitates your diagnosis by freezing coronary motion even in higher-heart-rate coronary CT exams, delivering 58-msec-equivalent gantry speed5.

Simpler scan solutions with dual-energy imaging
Dual-energy imaging allows easy configuration of back-to-back axial or helical scans of the same anatomy at two different X-ray energies (kVs). The dual-energy data can be quickly post-processed right on the console or on the Advantage Workstation with easy image registration and one-click ROI ratio for simple analysis.

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