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SIGNA Architect 3.0T 70 см

SIGNA Architect, a 3.0T MRI system, is a premium wide bore scanner designed to increase productivity and improve diagnostic confidence for clinicians. This new MRI system features the new SIGNAWorks applications portfolio and the SIGNAWorks Innovation application suite delivering beyond the standard productivity and clinical capabilities. SIGNAWorks Innovation Applications feature four innovative application suites that deliver improved image quality, higher efficiency, and a more streamlined workflow: HyperWorks, ViosWorks, SilentWorks, and ImageWorks. SIGNA Architect is supported by both an advanced 96 channel and 128 channel RF architectures and cutting-edge applications. SIGNA Architect’s eXpress table, with a memory foam surface, delivers feet-first or head-first imaging for everyone.

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