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LOGIQ* e opens the door to advance and evolve your practice.
Like a visual assistant, LOGIQ e makes advanced imaging easy with automated features such as B-Steer + Needle Recognition. This “always on” feature delivers accurate detail—anatomy, needle, and motion—even in Color and Power Doppler. You can perform scans that easily render images into a LOGIQview panoramic image, or a Simultaneous Split Screen.
With its high-resolution image quality, LOGIQ e is proven, powerful and ready to take you further.
Simplify your workflow.
From basic ultrasound scans to more advanced imaging, LOGIQ e is easy to operate.
  • Manual or automatic – You have the freedom to manually optimize images, or take advantage of dedicated imaging settings by anatomy. Just scan the way you prefer.
  • Create and save your own settings – Save your preferred imaging settings as you go from one patient to the next. There’s no need to re-create the settings each time.

Better efficiency. Better patient care.
Automated features give you advanced imaging with efficiency, because time is everything:
  • LOGIQview renders images into a panoramic image up to 60cm.
  • Simultaneous Split Screen shows two images side-by-side for live scanning, even with and without Color and Power Doppler. Also use Split Screen for contralateral and historical comparisons.
  • Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) sensitivity helps you detect slow blood flow, even in small vessels.
  • Easy 3D gives you the power to scan and reconstruct a volumetric image.
  • B-Color lets you add color tints to grayscale to better amplify contrasts.

To know where you’re going, you need accurate vision.
LOGIQ e gives you our B-Steer + Needle Recognition to help provide more accurate vision in three key areas—needle, anatomy and motion—even in Color and Power Doppler. This enhanced ultrasound guidance enables you to have better consistency, reduced complications and improved patient care. This “always on” feature accurately reveals the structure of a needle within anatomy, without distortion of the needle.
Our responsive digital processing helps you see the needle advance in real time, with no image processing delays. It’s seamlessly integrated with our proprietary B-Steer + and CrossXBeam features to further enhance definition. You can maintain focus on your procedure and patient with two “easy on” options. Just save it as an automatic preset and it’s always on. Or, you have the flexibility to use it at your discretion and activate it with the touch of one button.

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