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Simplicity and guidance go hand in hand.
Your commitment to patients and the utility of ultrasound imaging go hand in hand in building a healthier world. LOGIQTM V5 makes advanced ultrasound technology simple, affordable, and accessible for healthcare providers.
The system supports you with automated calculations, onboard clinical information, and time-saving workflow tools.
Customizable IQ parameters
  • Simple & Customizable top menu
  • User defined keys to customize workflow

Simplified Workflow
  • Single information screen to start exam and reduced keystrokes makes it easy to start patient scan
  • ‘Switch Probe’ button to quickly switch, ex. between 4C-RS & E8CS-RS
  • ‘User Preset’ button to quickly create or overwrite user presets
  • Built-in imaging as well as measurement presets that facilitate hassle-free scanning

  • Automatically places calipers for fetal biometry measurements, for fast completion of key fetal measurements

Auto IMT
  • Provides automatic edge detection for intima-media thickness (IMT); helps increase the consistency and reliability of measurement
  • Powerful clinical tool to help evaluate patient risk for early CVD with speed and efficiency.
  • TruScan™ Architecture (GE Raw Data) allows flexibility to readjust a large set of imaging parameters and re-measure images any time after you have set, frozen or even archived the images

Image Guidance
Scan Assistant
  • Provides a protocol checklist for key exams
  • Helps simplify and standardize workflow
  • Acts as an automated sequence script that moves you through an exam, step-by-step, while reducing key strokes

Scan Coach
  • Advanced and basic protocols across obstetric, gynecological and abdominal apps
  • Innovative reference tool built by ultrasound experts
  • 200+ reference images and 150+ 3D animations/schematics
  • Valuable information that can help you acquire the desired scan planes

Instructional videos
Detailed instructions about how to use key hardware & software features
Guide you on how to use your LOGIQ Vision Series device optimally
LOGIQTM V5 offers advanced imaging features that can help enhance your diagnostic confidence by delivering clear, high-quality images.
Remarkable image quality
  • MLA4 Technology increases frame rate by 4X11 by processing each echo along four simultaneous receiver beams to study moving organs and blood flow data. Especially useful with Color Doppler, this can help when studying moving organs and blood flow data. Evaluate the fetal heart including the aorta and pulmonary vessels, view the umbilical cord, and assess the uterine arteries.
  • Real-Time Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD) eliminates noise while enhancing true tissue architecture.
  • CrossXBeamTM imaging enhances tissue interfaces and border differentiation with compound imaging technology.

Advanced clinical evaluations
  • Raw data imaging (TruScanTM Architecture) gives you the flexibility to optimize your images or cine loops after you have acquired or even archived them.
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI) lets you assess heart function with myocardial Doppler Imaging with color overlay on tissue image
  • Easy 3D Technology visualizes volumetric data sets. In addition, LOGIQ V5 offers features such as LOGIQ View, Tissue Harmonics, Coded Harmonics, Pulse Wave and Power Doppler.

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