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Vivid S70

Put your department ahead of the technology curve
By combining the proven breadth and performance of the Vivid product line with the cSound* powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform, the Vivid* S70 takes ultrasound to a whole new level – delivering excellent image quality in cardiac as well as shared service at an affordable price.
Compared to many conventional scanners, the system acquires more information up front, achieving consistent data across a wide variety of patients while enabling many valuable quantification tools and workflow enhancements that support efficient and confident diagnosis.
The many ways Vivid S70 with cSound performance elevates patient care:
  • Excellent visualization in 2D, color flow, and Doppler and 4D formats
  • Excellent spatial resolution and detail
  • New capabilities including automated quantification of the LV and MV

Exceptional 2D TTE
The Vivid* S70 quickly brings you quantifiable information across a wide variety of patients – even those with body types or conditions that make them difficult to scan. GE’s XDclear* probe technology pairs with our new imaging platform to capture data from every channel in the probe.
Image and Measurement Transfer
  • Raw data and all measurements (including customized) from Vivid™ Systems
  • DICOM** and public DICOM SR from 3rd party

EchoPac Post- Processing
  • Full access to GE raw data
  • Access to all Vivid measurement tools
  • Review, post -process, and measure using AFI, Wall Motion Scoring, etc.

Image Management
  • Store and review cine loops and static images
  • Measure
  • Annotate
  • Export
  • Send to/Retrieve from Long Term Storage

  • Create clean, comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Complete reports faster with quick report templates
  • Report templates for TTE, TEE, Stress, Vascular

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