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Voluson S6

Busy practices and departments need dedicated technology with the flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability to manage a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynecological exams.
The powerful yet affordable VolusonTM S6 system offers an excellent mix of capabilities for effective and efficient care, including:
  • Extraordinary 2D image quality — the foundation of Voluson ultrasound— requiring minimal user interaction for optimization.
  • Outstanding Volume (3D/4D) imaging — capabilities based on outstanding 2D imaging and enabled by user-friendly workflow.
  • Automation advances — that help improve the speed, quality and consistency of obstetric and gynecological studies. These tools also enable practices to more easily expand into new clinical areas and perform specialized procedures.
  • Easy-to-learn workflow tools — that help busy practices maintain high quality while reducing the time required to conduct, analyze, and report on exams.
  • Ergonomic design — that helps simplify use helps provide optimal comfort while scanning.

The Voluson S6 system delivers on both price and performance, with hard-working capabilities that fit your practice, your patient base, and your budget. The system is upgradable, enabling you to add more sophisticated clinical capabilities as your practice grows.

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