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Brivo XR575

The Brivo DR-F* a product of healthymagination is probably GE’s first of its kind – a highly affordable digital X-ray in a convenient, space-saving floor-mount design. Its high image quality comes from the GE flat-panel digital detector, proven to provide reliable image quality at low dose. The Brivo DR-F delivers the functionality you need in a compact, easy-to-use, cost-effective package. A straightforward design streamlines your operations and lets you focus more attention on your patients. And you’ll help the environment by using less power and eliminating film and chemicals.
In fact, the system is 30% more affordable than premium digital systems and it is up to 70%** more energy efficient versus many film-imaging systems. The system also eliminates the need for water, fixers and film used in traditional imaging.
  • Easy to use At the heart of Brivo DR-F is GE’s proprietary flat-panel digital detector, which is as easy to use as conventional or CR cassettes. The system’s straightforward design minimizes staff training time and streamlines your operations.
  • Efficient With a digital system, retakes are drastically reduced and film handling is eliminated. The result? Improved patient flow and a more productive radiology department.
  • Reliable Seeing is believing. With the GE digital flat-panel detector, you can increase data integrity – and improve diagnostic confidence – at a lower patient dose. And thanks to the dynamic range of the detector, retakes are also reduced.
  • Eco-Friendly Converting to digital radiology eliminates film – and that translates to significant environmental savings. Not only will you reduce power consumption by removing your analog film processor, but you will also eliminate processing chemicals and water baths from the environment while having fewer analog films to store. And with this highly productive system, you will be able to complete as many patient exams in one digital room.

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