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Discovery XR656

Our suite of advanced clinical capabilities helps you address complex clinical needs while differentiating your facility from others.

The Discovery XR656 lets you enjoy productivity and workflow benefits thanks to FlashPad, a wireless digital detector that was designed – from the beginning – for advanced digital imaging.
Advanced Application – Volume RAD
VolumeRAD acquires volumetric patient data with up to 60 low dose exposures with one sweep across the patient. It enhances clinical information by displaying anatomical structures at various depths.
Volume RAD helps improve clinical diagnosis by:

Removing overlying structures

Enhancing local tissue separation

Providing depth information about the structure of interest

Advanced Application – Auto Image Paste:
Auto Image Paste allows imaging of anatomy longer than the detector’s field of view. Up to five different images can be stitched to form a single image.
Auto Image Paste offers:

High reconstruction accuracy

Images free of parallax distortion

Significant ease of use and time savings versus film or CR

Advanced Applications – Dual Energy Subtraction:
Dual Energy Subtraction separates the X-ray information into a soft tissue image and a bone image, thereby making it easier to visualize abnormalities and determine whether they are calcified.
Benefits of Dual Energy Subtraction include:

The ability to remove overlying bone structures that may obscure pulmonary pathology

Improved nodule calcification shown on bone-only images.

Increased visibility of tissue based anatomy.

Discovery XR656 Configuration Flexibility:
To better meet your specific needs and further reduce costs, the Discovery XR656 is available in a broad range of configurations that include at least a single wireless FlashPad detector, a table and/or wall stand, systems cabinet, ceiling mounted tube support, acquisition review workstation, image processing, short-term storage and quick in-room viewing of images.

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