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legal information

Information about the company

New Medical Technologies (KFT) is a company established and operating in Hungary in accordance with its legislation.

Its legal form is a limited liability company (KFT)

Full name of the company: New Medical Technologies Korlátolt Felelősségű. Társaság.

Short name of the company: New Medical Technologies KFT.

State registration number: 01-09-325412

Registration date: 07.06.2018 G.

Date of creation: 30.05.2018

European unique identifier number: HUOCCSZ 01-09-325412

Statistics code number 20/1 26347578-4646-113-01

Tax identification number 8403556659

Income tax number: 26347578-2-41

Number for VAT: HU26347578

The tax status of the offer: valid

Main activities: purchase and supply of high-tech medical equipment

Legal address (Cégszékhely): Váci út 76, Budapest 1133, Hungary

Postal address (Postacím): I torony, 3 emelet, Váci út 76, Budapest 1133, Hungary

The company's authorized capital is fully formed and paid for

Sole participant and CEO: Hármás György. 28-06-1977, registered at the address of the place of residence: Hungary, 4400, Nyiregyháza, Luter utca 5, TT 32

Mail: director@newmedtech.eu

The website address of the Company: http://www.newmedtech.eu

Slave. Tel: +36 1 456-7274

Mob tel.: +36 70 355 9985

Current Bank Accounts of the Company

The company has open current accounts with OTP Bank (Hungary):

HUF # 11714006-25973783
EUR № 117631412780588400000000
IBAN: HU43117631412780588400000000
DOLL № 117631412780601200000000
IBAN: HU49117631412780601200000000

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