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Business report to the annual report for the year ended at 31 December 2019

Analysis of the company's performance and business development based on the annual report:

The company in 2019 has started to contribute medical instruments. The company had a turnover of HUF 8.931.391 thousand from its activity. The after tax profit was HUF 1.903.105 thousand, which was placed in the retained profit.

Presentation of premises and branches: none

Expected development, research, experimental development: none

Significant events after the balance sheet date: none

Impact of environmental protection on the financial situation: none

Development of responsibilities, support, measures, implementations related to environmental protection: none

Risk management and hedging policy, utilization of financial instruments that significantly affect the financial position: none

Price, credit, interest rate, liquidity and cash flow risk quantified: none

Obligations of presenting for exchange traded shares
(paragraph 95/A. of the Accounting Act (Hungary)) none

Corporate governance statement
(paragraph 95/B. of the Accounting Act (Hungary) applies only to enterprises, whose transferable securities have been admitted to trading on a regulated market of a state of the European Economic Area)

Non-financial statement
(paragraph 95/C. of the Accounting Act (Hungary) applies in the case of an enterprise qualifying as an undertaking public interest above a certain size)

Additional necessary explanations for the data in the annual report
(paragraph 95. (7) of the Accounting Act (Hungary) - e.g.: main risks and uncertainties arising during the activity, etc.)

APPENDIX to the annual report for the year ended at 31 December 2019

Independent auditor's report

NMT KFT's Publicly audited financial statements 2019 are published on the website of the government of Hungary:

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